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Wow-I’ve been neglecting my world! I’ve kinda sorta been in a rut-but now it’s summer and I’m hoping to geet back in a better routine of writing, exercising, cooking, etc…..
I’m working my part time job in the mornings and shopping the last 2 days in the afternoons. I’ve been very dedicated to bargain shopping with coupons. This has really paid off. The internet makes it alot easier to find good deals. People blog about the best deals and all you have to do is go do them.
Darlin Dan has lost 23 lbs. and I’m still stuck in a rut at 8 lbs. He looks great and seems to be very used to this way of eating.
I’m participating in 2 challenges with the healthmiles program throught Humana. I wear a pedometer and download my steps to my computer every night.  I’m earning points that can be used to buy gift cards! I’m getting close to earning my 2nd $25 gift card.

Written by jerimartinez5011

June 9, 2009 at 8:48 pm

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