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2007 Martinez Mustang Island Trip

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Wow! We spent a week at Mustang Island. It was great! We had a nice 2 bedroom condo on the beach-Mustang Towers was the name of the condo. We went swimming and fishing. We had lots of fun being together. We played cards and ate alot of good food. Veronica made us some good Barbacoa. Mike did the majority of the cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. That was so great! I made some shrimp ceviche that everyone seemed to enjoy.It was so nice to be with Mike, Eva, Corey, Nathaniel, Veronica, Roland, and Ashley. Veronica and family stayed 2 nights with us and Mike and family stayed 5 nights with us.
 We had a few bumps during our trip- Danny took a fall at a little shop-he scraped his shin up pretty good. The water had to be boiled because of E Coli. We had a terrific lightning storm. Then we got a phone call telling us to put in the balcony furniture in and close the balcony doors- we had a tropical storm scare-Erin was the storm’s name. Then we started hearing about a hurricane– Dean coming next week. It was all over the TV-to start getting ready. Then the  electricity went out last night for about an hour and a half. We were getting a little worried, but it came back on around 8:30.
Nothing stopped us from having fun! Thursday evening we went out to eat with Eto and Connie. We ate at Snoopy’s- a great seafood place right on the water. It was delicious. On Friday, Danny went to play golf and I spent the day on the beach! Saturday we packed up and got home by 2:00.

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August 18, 2007 at 4:53 pm

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